EcoShack Rose Goldy Metal Straws

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Ditching the plastic straw was one of the simplest moves in the sustainable community!

But do paper straws frustrate you? Are they not the most flimsy thing ever? 

Worry no more, and own your own set of the EcoShack Reusable Metal Straws! They are your perfect drink companion! 

Made of food-grade stainless steel, these rose-gold EcoShack Reusable Metal Straws are just divine. Comes in a cotton bag for ease when taking them when you're out and about! And oh, you also get a clean brush for you to keep your straws nice and hygienic! 


✅Sustainable Option

🌿Plastic-Free Advocacy 🍃
More than 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic has been produced in the last 70 years, and more are being produced on a daily basis. The impacts of plastic to us occur at various stages: from store shelves to human bodies, from waste management to ongoing impacts to the human body and to our earth. It is clear that plastic threatens human and earth’s existence on a global scale. 
Our advocacy is plastic-free living with resources that are both sustainable and environment friendly. Looking at our everyday living and providing better options that won’t cost the earth🌱


🌱Simple, Clean, No Frill Packaging 🌿

Following the zero (minimal) waste mantra, we try our best to package our products nice and neat, but you won’t find fancy packaging and excess wrapping. You’ll safely receive your parcel, but please don’t expect all the bells and whistles that normally come in products. No extra bags that you probably won't even use.

We do go by Simplicity and Minimal Waste! And oh, plastic free, too! 

🌿Supporting Small Suppliers 🍃
We are passionate about supporting small suppliers both local and from developing countries especially those who have the same environmental advocacy as us. We are fortunate to have this platform, and we are sharing them with others as part of the wider zero (minimal) waste community. 

Customer Reviews

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Daina H.

Such amazing straws. Definitely adore the rose gold colour!

Daniel M.
Good quality

Great quality straws. I appreciate the bag that they come in with

Gayle B.

Amazing straws! Love the colour. Thanks