Covid-19 Information

We are humbled by the outpouring support during this trying time. Our hearts go out to those who are heavily impacted by the pandemic. We also thank those essential workers who served ceaselessly to run and provide integral services. We hope that everyone remained safe and that you and your bubble made the most of staying home.  

We at EcoShackNZ have been fortunate to be able to continue operating being an online store and due to the unique circumstance that we have. In line with the guidance from the government helpline, it was deemed that we can safely operate without breaching the lockdown rules. From marketing to sales, our operations are all electronic and online.

Our supply chain hasn't taken a hit, but since our warehouses are mostly overseas, our dispatching and shipping have been significantly affected. We knew it will be affected but just not to the degree that it has, which has only been highlighted in the last couple of weeks. 

To those who have placed orders and are still waiting, we sincerely apologise for the delay. We guarantee you that your purchase/s will arrive. Please get in contact with us if you require further assistance; we'll be more than happy to help out. We are doing our very best to provide good service.

We also would like to assure you that it is safe to receive you parcels. Leading health organisations have deemed parcels and packages to have very low risk. We have also raised our expectation on sanitation standards from our supply dispatching to shipping. 

We are doing some planning at the moment with regards to moving our products locally so we can facilitate better service and decrease the wait time to receive the products that we are proud of. Work is underway to make this happen, and we envision this will be live in less than three months! 

We are keeping our communication line open to all of you who have thus far trusted our brand. We are very passionate about sustainability and environment protection, and we value that you are, too. 


- EcoShackNZ