EcoBody Deodorant Paste - EcoShackNZ
EcoBody Deodorant Paste - EcoShackNZ
EcoBody Deodorant Paste - EcoShackNZ
EcoBody Deodorant Paste - EcoShackNZ
EcoBody Deodorant Paste - EcoShackNZ
EcoBody Deodorant Paste - EcoShackNZ
EcoBody Deodorant Paste - EcoShackNZ
EcoBody Deodorant Paste - EcoShackNZ
EcoBody Deodorant Paste - EcoShackNZ

EcoBody Deodorant Paste

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EcoBody is a range of ethical products that are all clean, organic, and vegan-friendly – exactly what 100% natural should be 🌿

Using tried and tested ingredients, the EcoBody Deodorant Paste will revolutionise your personal hygiene.
The EcoBody Deodorant Paste works for both men and women, all skin types, and for all activity levels. No parabens, alcohol, aluminium and/or aluminium derivatives. And guess what, EcoBody Deodorant Paste contains no baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) either, which causes irritation for many people because of its PH properties!
Anti-perspirants are a thing of the past. Sweating is your body getting rid of toxins, and it’s definitely not a bad thing. Natural deodorants both hinder and disguise odour formation by using different kinds of essential oils that will make you feeling nice and fresh all day every day! If there are two words to describe the scent: they are mild and light.
Make the switch to the EcoBody Deodorant Paste now. Unblock your sweat glands, and let your body do what it’s meant to do for a healthier and better you!
Our deodorant paste is packaged in a plastic-free container that you can re-use or repurpose. Handmade and prepared in small batches to ensure quality. 
Tips and tricks: Scoop a pea-sized amount of the EcoBody Deodorant Paste using your finger and rub that into your armpit. Easy peasy! You can use sparingly depending on how active you’ll be during the day. One container can last you between 3-6 months.
Refill and sample size option now available! Both of which come package-free. Refills are perfect if you already have an empty container you can use, while the sample size is great for those who want to give the EcoBody Deodorant Paste a try. 
Why the ingredients? 
The EcoBody Deodorant Paste is made of all natural ingredients picked for their various properties that makes this natural Deo one of the best out there. 
Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
DE is a crucial trace element needed by our body that helps draw our moisture and remove toxins while helping to ease the sensitive armpit area. It is food grade, so you can even eat it!
Vitamin E (Vit. E)
Vit. E is a popular ingredient in most products because of its anti-oxidant property, which help get rid of free radicals that could otherwise damage your skin. Vit. E contains alpha-tocopherols that has good effect in reducing the length and depth of skin wrinkles. 
Beeswax is one of the best natural stabiliser for natural body products. It is great because it does not block pores and it also boost the moisturising properties of the butters and oils in this deodorant paste.
Arrowroot Powder
This powder helps thicken the deodorant, but also assist in drawing out toxins when you sweat!
Do I need to do anything before I use natural deodorant?
If you’ve been using anti-perspirant for a while, you might need to do an armpit detox so you can successfully transition to using natural deodorant.
*Check our blog post about Transitional Body Odour, Armpit Detox, and Natural Deodorant
What’s the difference of EcoBody Deodorant Paste to others out there?
Aside from being all natural and pure, the EcoBody Deodorant Paste is one of the few deodorants out there without sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). It has a very mild scent that isn’t overpowering, but definitely hints freshness.
Will I need anti-perspirant, too? 
No, you won't. Your body is meant to sweat, and it's a good thing. You can adjust the amount of paste you use according to your level of activity for the day.


✅Sustainable Option

🌿Plastic-Free Advocacy 🍃
More than 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic has been produced in the last 70 years, and more are being produced on a daily basis. The impacts of plastic to us occur at various stages: from store shelves to human bodies, from waste management to ongoing impacts to the human body and to our earth. It is clear that plastic threatens human and earth’s existence on a global scale. 
Our advocacy is plastic-free living with resources that are both sustainable and environment friendly. Looking at our everyday living and providing better options that won’t cost the earth🌱

🌱Simple, Clean, No Frill Packaging 🌿

Following the zero (minimal) waste mantra, we try our best to package our products nice and neat, but you won’t find fancy packaging and excess wrapping. You’ll safely receive your parcel, but please don’t expect all the bells and whistles that normally come in products. No extra bags that you probably won't even use.

We do go by Simplicity and Minimal Waste! And oh, plastic free, too! 

Shipping | Returns | Refund Policy

Thanks for shopping with EcoShackNZ. We are excited to join you on your path towards a sustainable future.


EcoShackNZ dispatch all of our products using minimal and compostable packaging.

All of our parcels are dispatched using track and trace, our customers will receive an email notification which will include tracking details once item(s) are dispatched. We dispatch orders twice a week to minimise our carbon emission related to courier travel. Shipping may take up between 3 - 7 business days.

We aim to provide you with a seamless, sustainable shopping experience. In the event you are experiencing shipping delays with your order, please reach out to our friendly customer service team for support.


EcoShackNZ will not accept returns of incorrect product purchases and all items that are on sale and/or clearance. We will accept returns of selected non-personal products providing the following occurs:

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(c) The buyer (customer) is responsible for return shipping costs.


EcoShackNZ will not refund items that are on sale and/or on clearance, unless required by law.

We reserve the right to provide you with a store credit in lieu of a refund.

Once we receive the item, we will be required to inspect the item and, if your return is approved, we will send you an email of store credit to the value of the product/s cost. 

Original shipping charges are non-refundable. You will be issued your online credit via email and it will be accessible at checkout. If a Gift Card was used in the purchase, refund will be in a form of an online credit. 

How do I change or cancel my order?
Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to modify or cancel your order.
Make sure to provide your order number and the modification you would like to make and we’ll confirm once the modification has been made.
Please note that any orders that have already been packed or shipped cannot be modified or cancelled.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Bo T.
It works!

I tried this twice. The first time I felt it didn't work because I felt I had BO. But when I read about the transitional body odour, I gave this another go, and this time it actually works! Totally love the scent!

Nat B.
This is a winner!

This is a winner! I have been looking for a deodorant that works but I'm so glad I finally found it. My husband loves the scent and he started using it now, too!

Stacey L.
It really works!

This deo really works! I love the scent and I don't stink. No irritation too!