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EcoBody is a range of products that are all clean, organic, and vegan-friendly – exactly what 100% natural should be.
Malodorous (stinky) feet are a real problem, and it's usually caused by various things like diet, detoxing, adrenal stress, microorganisms, or even the shoes you're wearing. Some are more prone to them than others, but no worry, because your plastic-free natural solution is now here: the EcoBody Foot Powder!  
🌿Why the ingredients?
Kaolin clay: This is a very light and pure clay and is simply an excellent choice for this foot powder. It is great for sensitive skin, yet very effective in abilities to draw out gunk and moisture.
Arrowroot powder: This powder has a different consistency with the kaolin clay, which is why it's a great choice to combine these. This will draw out moisture and gunk, too! 
Tea tree EO: This oil is fungicidal, antiseptic, anti-infectious, and antiviral. Perfect for those stinky feet, which is probably caused by nasty microorganisms!
Lavender EO: Fungicidal, calming, antiseptic, antibacterial, deodorising, and enhances the immune system. Oh, and it smells amazing!
Sandalwood EO: This EO is not only gives an intense woody and earthy smell, but it also is antiseptic and moisturising. And oh, it is a known as an aphrodisiac, provides a calming and soothing sensation, and helps relieve tension. 
Geranium EO: This EO has been shown to be helpful for combatting yeasts (like athlete’s foot!). It also helps repel mosquitoes and other bugs. 
🇳🇿100% Kiwi-Made in small batches to ensure quality. 
How to use:
You can sprinkle it in your shoes, apply directly on your feet after the shower, sprinkle into your socks, and/or all of the above!
This comes in 45g tin and 30g package-free option! 🌿
✅Sustainable Option
🌿Plastic-Free Advocacy 🍃
More than 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic has been produced in the last 70 years, and more are being produced on a daily basis. The impacts of plastic to us occur at various stages: from store shelves to human bodies, from waste management to ongoing impacts to the human body and to our earth. It is clear that plastic threatens human and earth’s existence on a global scale.
Our advocacy is plastic-free living with resources that are both sustainable and environment friendly. Looking at our everyday living and providing better options that won’t cost the earth🌱
🌱Simple, Clean, No Frill Packaging 🌿
Following the zero (minimal) waste mantra, we try our best to package our products nice and neat, but you won’t find fancy packaging and excess wrapping. You’ll safely receive your parcel, but please don’t expect all the bells and whistles that normally come in products. No extra bags that you probably won't even use.
We do go by Simplicity and Minimal Waste! And oh, plastic free, too!

Customer Reviews

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Paul C.

Very effective foot powder! Will definitely buy this again when I ran out.

George I.

No more stinky feet for my husband and my son! This product really works! Awesome work guys!

Tracy P.
Great alternative

I have been wanting an alternative to Grans remedy just because of the plastic container. This foot powder actually works just the same or even better. I like the scent of the ecobody one, it’s subtle and very nice.