EcoShack Copper-head Lint Roller

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How many disposable lint rollers do you go through in a year? How many plastic handles would that be?

This is the perfect tool to breath new life in multiple things in your home - clothes, carpet, rugs, mat, couch, furniture, and so much more! Own a pet? Worry no more, and let the EcoShack Cooper-head Lint Roller help you get rid of the unruly fur everywhere. 

Remove fuzz, fluff, pilling and more. The EcoShack Copper-head Lint Roller's versatility is to be praised for! 

Perks In Bullets:

  • Manual & Eco-friendly. No battery needed and no harmful disposable sticky paper either!
  • Good As New. Almost 60% of clothes with pilling and fuzz are thrown! With the EcoShack Copper-head Lint Roller, you basically breath life into your tired-looking clothes!
  • Quick & Easy To Use. Remove pet hair, fluff, pilling, hair, and more literally in seconds!
  • Unlimited Use & Easy To Clean. Just pinch the ball of hair, pilling, or fluff with your fingers, remove, and dispose! Easy peasy! 

In the sustainability world, 'reusability' is key! Comes with a copper-head design, the EcoShack lint roller won't damage or hurt your clothes. Perfect for most winter clothing, this roller is both durable and super easy to use! It will basically pay for itself by not buying disposable lint rollers all the time. This is timeless - and this is an investment that saves you so much money. 

To achieve best results, we recommend the EcoShack Copper-head Lint Rollers be used on 100% natural fabrics such as wool or cotton. We do not recommend using the EcoShack Copper-head Lint roller on synthetic fabrics.

It is plastic-free and made with sturdy material; you know it will last you a very long time 🍃

Top Tips: Use it at 10 degree angle for delicate and smaller clothes, and 30 to 45 degree angle for larger surfaces! 


✅Sustainable Option


Size: 13.5 x 16.5 cm

 Approximate $ savings per year: $120-$180

🌿Plastic-Free Advocacy 🍃
More than 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic has been produced in the last 70 years, and more are being produced on a daily basis. The impacts of plastic to us occur at various stages: from store shelves to human bodies, from waste management to ongoing impacts to the human body and to our earth. It is clear that plastic threatens human and earth’s existence on a global scale. 
Our advocacy is plastic-free living with resources that are both sustainable and environment friendly. Looking at our everyday living and providing better options that won’t cost the earth🌱
🌿Supporting Small Suppliers 🍃
We are passionate about supporting small suppliers both local and from developing countries especially those who have the same environmental advocacy as us. We are fortunate to have this platform, and we are sharing them with others as part of the wider zero (minimal) waste community. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Marius D:

My mum loves her one. She just said she wishes it was bigger for the carpet!

Jael M.
SUch an awesome gadget

This is such an awesome gadget! Ive been using mine everywhere - from our carpet to our couch to our sofa to clothes. I recommend this to everyone!

Lindsay T.
Best purchase ever!

We have two dogs and two cats, and fur is everywhere! It's so satisfying using our EcoShack Lint Roller every week to basically refresh our couch and our rug!