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One of the easy swaps you can do is with this EcoShack Reusable Baking Sheet! Stop buying and disposing baking paper every time you bake, and start enjoying your reusable sheet. Less waste, more savings.

Made of food-grade fiberglass cloth, this resuable, non-toxic sheet is the best alternative out there. With non-stick quality, wiping clean with damp cloth right after each use is so easy to do! Because of its durable quality, the EcoShack Reusable Baking Sheet can last you years; think of all the savings you get from not buying baking paper and foils!

Thanks to the non-stick coating, nothing sticks, which eliminates the need for additional butter, oil or grease. Reduce your fat intake and cook healthier food!

You can use it as a barbecue sheet as long as it will not be in contact with open flame to keep your grill clean all the time! Safe for temperatures between -60 Celsius to 260 Celsius.

Cleanup is a breeze with these durable and long-lasting baking sheets. Either wash them in the sink with warm water or put them in the dishwasher, then air-dry. 

Note: To prevent damage to the coating, do not bend the sheet or cut directly on the surface. 


✅Sustainable Option

Size: 40 x 30cm  

Approximate $ savings per year: $70 - $110 + landfill space!

🌿Plastic-Free Advocacy 🍃
More than 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic has been produced in the last 70 years, and more are being produced on a daily basis. The impacts of plastic to us occur at various stages: from store shelves to human bodies, from waste management to ongoing impacts to the human body and to our earth. It is clear that plastic threatens human and earth’s existence on a global scale. 
Our advocacy is plastic-free living with resources that are both sustainable and environment friendly. Looking at our everyday living and providing better options that won’t cost the earth🌱
🌿Supporting Small Suppliers 🍃
We are passionate about supporting small suppliers both local and from developing countries especially those who have the same environmental advocacy as us. We are fortunate to have this platform, and we are sharing them with others as part of the wider zero (minimal) waste community. 


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It is just great no messy trays to clean


Excellent product a big saving on cooking paper, easy clean an love the gold sheet for biscuit baking.

Lisa Lee
Baking sheets

Will wait on my order since early 18th may. Not happy.